Karl-Gerät 040

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Karl-Gerät 040
Karl-Gerät 040
Karl-Gerat 040.png
ClassArtillery: Artillery fire is not very accurate and so rarely results in direct damage. But artillery is extremely useful as a support unit, both on offense and on defence. On the offense, artillery units can fire at enemy from a safe distance, causing heavy suppression and making the enemy an easy target for assault troops. On the defence, artillery units provides defensive fire to any friendly ground units positioned next to it. If one of these units is attacked by an enemy unit, the artillery will fire at it first. Any strength suppressed or killed by the defensive fire will not participate in the attack. Towed artillery units are extremely slow and so moving them between distant locations is only feasible if they are equipped with a transport. However, self-propelled artillery units can travel with good speed on their own. Artillery
Period15.2.1941 - 1.1.1946
Icon softatt.png
Soft Attack
Icon hardatt.png
Hard Attack
Icon airatt.png
Air Attack
Icon navatt.png
Naval Attack
Icon targettype.png
Target Type
Icon closedef.png
Close Def.
Icon grounddef.png
Ground Def.
Icon airdef.png
Air Def.
Icon moves.png
Icon LOS.png
Icon range.png
Icon initiative.png
Icon cost.png
Icon strength.png
Eff. Strength
Icon fuel.png
Max Fuel
Icon ammo.png
Max Ammo
Other features
Special abilitiesNo Purchase: Cannot be purchased in a scenario.
No Upgrade: Cannot be upgraded.
No Replace: Cannot be replaced.
Mine killer.png Mine Killer : Ignores special rules for minefields (combat occurs normally).

Karl-Gerät 040 is a Artillery unit in Panzer Corps.

Background[edit | edit source]

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Strategy[edit | edit source]

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